Windows Need Custom Horizontal or Vertical Blinds

Horizontal or Vertical Blinds for Kitchen Windows in Wauconda Illinois (IL).

Choosing blinds is an important task for any living space. They give us privacy, shade from the sun, and even let us show our style off to make our rooms pop. However, before the styling part begins, we first have to understand what type of blinds we need: horizontal or vertical. Read on to determine which will work for the windows in your living space, and head on over to Midwest Window Solutions to start your window treatment journey!

Vertical Blinds

If you have wide windows or siding doors, vertical blinds are the way to go. Since these move side-to-side, vertical blinds will glide easily on wider windows. In addition to effortless movement, your windows and doors will look great With Hunter Douglas fabrics, wood, alternative wood, aluminum, or vinyl materials. If vertical sounds like the right fit for your living space, check out which of the options below will best fit your needs!

  • Skyline®: Offering a contemporary, sleek look Skylin®e Gliding Window Panels provide modern drama to your living space. Plus, they can double as a unique room divider as well.
  • Cadence®: The collection of Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds imitates drapery folds with their curved vanes. Cadence blinds are perfect for an elegant style palette that desires beautiful translucency.
  • Somner®: the Somner® Custom Vertical Blinds offer the widest range of colors, textures and treatments than anyone else. Do you have a unique sense of style? Let it shine with these custom blinds!
  • Vertical Solutions: With Hunter Douglas Vertical Solutions, you can get save money while making your windows look great. Economical and available in fabric, vinyl, and multiple colors, you can make a stylish yet economical choice with these custom blinds.

Horizontal Blinds

On the other side of the coin, if your living space features narrow windows, horizontal is the answer. At Hunter Douglas you can choose from horizontal blinds that are crafted from beautiful wood, faux wood and aluminum. Plus, these custom blinds come in various sizes, textures and colors to suit your styling needs. Check out the multiple styles, Hunter Douglas has to offer with their horizontal blinds!

  • Parkland®: Parkland horizontal blinds give your room a classic, rich look with its hardwood material. With multiple colors, Parkland provides a gorgeously warm ambiance to any room.
  • Everwood®: Never aging, these alternative wood blinds come in realistic TruGrain finishes as well as multiple solid color options that make them perfect for any style.
  • Modern Precious Metals: These clean looking shades not only provide a sleek style and maximum light control, but also multiple finishes and textures that range from matte to metallic to pearlescent. Give these blinds a little pizzazz by combining them with wooden accents to make your living space pop.

Whether your windows call for vertical or horizontal treatments, your living space will look great no matter what with Hunter Douglas custom shades. Now you can really begin the fun part – the creative process! To learn more about the various styles mentioned above, contact the Midwest Window Solution today!

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